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Retailers have been scratching their brains for ages on this most fundamental of questions: What makes the most impact on our sales and customers?

The way a customer interacts with your products in-store obviously means a lot in how this interaction will yield and convert into a sale. There are important elements and factors need to be remembered when planning the layout of your store and the way merchandise is displayed. For a wholesome user experience there must be some fundamental inclusions in your floor plan.

Engage them. Yes. Engagement is the key. Your customer needs attention and interactivity. The more you incline towards engaging your customers the more it inclines towards turning into a sale. Engage them by a variety of means; try to find out what exactly they’re after and how you could help them find the perfect match. Suggest, recommend. Encourage them to experience the item, ask them to feel and touch it and let them find out themselves whether it’s the right choice for them. Do a demo in front of them. Engage. Engage. Engage. Yes, that’s the right word.

You see, what it does is, even if what the customer is experiencing is not exactly what they’re after, but if you’re persistent, probability says there’s a high chance that eventually they will settle for something that takes their fancy. And that’s the power of interaction, interactivity and engagement.

Right assortment of inventory plays a major role for customer to decide with ease rather than getting confused with disorder. Make your store in such a way that your products are within easy reach of your customers where they can touch and pick up products easily. There are stores, where, when you walk in, you feel overwhelmed, because it’s the intensity of display. It’s crowded. Not pleasing for the eyes. Distraction hits the customer full on. Your customer is confused as to where to set their eyeballs. There’s too much information for their brain to process. The most basic rule of merchandising, keep your display appealing, your products displayed clearly, approachable for your customers to touch.

Take a look around your store and identify your 3 newest items. Are they easy to find? Would your customers notice them as new to your store assortment? Your goal should be to have clear views of your product that are not distracted by other product or displays. Instead, your displays should flow naturally and lead your customers throughout your store.

Don’t do all the talking yourself, let the store speak. But how? Signage. Yes. Let the store do the talking. Make it easy for your customers to navigate the store themselves. Sometimes they might feel intruded. Let them have a walk for themselves in-store guided by the signage.

Keep your store well maintained. Don’t let it fall into an out-of-date place. Nobody wants to visit a store that looks like it hasn’t been kept up properly. All in all, it’s simplicity, signage and sorting, the signs of soaring success.

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