How does a Merchandiser Fit Into my Merchandising Plan?

Employing a retail merchandiser is an effective way to ensure your store stays on trend and stocks merchandise that is always in demand. Depending on the size of your company, a merchandiser can fit into your merchandising plan in a variety of ways.

For a smaller company, he or she can handle both buying and merchandising. The merchandiser can help forecast trends and help decide how much of the budget should go towards which items.

A merchandising planets main goal is to help you maximize profit and manage performances of employees. A merchandiser can do both, by liaising with analysts and forecasting profits, as well as planning promotions and sales. In many businesses, profitability is directly affected by how well a merchandiser does his or her work.

The merchandiser will also focus on your stores visuals, housekeeping, inventory control, as well as the education of your employees. Merchandisers will help train your staff at each of your retail locations about your products. Counter Intelligence provides on-site training to ensure that education translates into increased sales.

A merchandiser will also help with your signage and displays, highlighting new products and ensuring sales are displayed for customers to see and take advantage of. He or she will also manage inventory on a weekly basis, by accurately taking measure of stock levels across all locations to ensure they meet demand.

They will even take care of housekeeping, making sure the stock room is clean and organized and all products are placed on shelves, racks and/or tables as per your request.

A successful merchandising plan must include a trained merchandiser. Employing a merchandiser is often a great idea for businesses, especially since merchandisers will have contacts in the industry and lots of experience dealing with suppliers in a professional manner.

A merchandiser works for you. Whatever needs you may have concerning your product, Counter Intelligence can take care of it. Your merchandising plan should include a professionally trained merchandiser to help create organized service on the back end, and an easy, comfortable retail experience for the customer.

In order to ensure maximized profits and peace of mind for you as a business owner knowing your stock and storefront is being cared for by a professional, include Counter Intelligences merchandising services in your merchandising plan. Our more than 20 years of experience in the industry in Canada has put us at the top of our field, and our goal is to help put you at the top of yours.

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